Alpine Skiing Performance Analysis

Introducing red and blue turns

The small GNSS-IMU sensor, weighting only 36 grams, is worn on the upper back during the entire training. Because of the small size and low weight the athlete is not aware of being tracked. At the end of the training, the data is uploaded from each sensor to our servers. On our web interface the training is geolocalized and individual laps are automatically extracted and analyzed. After a few minutes, all data from all athletes is available for analysis.

Picture of the AdMos GNSS-IMU sensor that is worn by the athlete
Screenshot of the Analysis Dashboard

Performance Analysis Options

Interactive Videos

All the videos are automatically synchronized with the data in seconds!

Interactively analyze your videos with the connected speed loss plot. Rapidly identify key moments of speed gain and loss and visualize the underlying movement. Athletes love how they can easily understand how their movement affects their skiing speed. The best tool to improve skiing technique and become the next champion.

Video overlay with the skiing speed and our interactive speed loss plot

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